My car



2 responses to “My car

  1. Well what can I say about Heang. I have travelled most of the world, and know very well, that a guide or driver, can ruin, or make your trip a memorable one. I feel lucky to have found Heang. His personal contribution, warm hearted character, excellent communication ( in English), and professionalism made our 4 day Siem reap stay, and adventure and a gathering among freinds. Leaving Cambodia I know I have made a few freinds. one of them is Heang. His company was more like a freind taking you around the sights, than a hard core touristy office service.You can’t lose with this inividual. Whether it be, just taking you from one point to another, or giving you a tour. His knowledge of the area, and excellent ability to convey this to foreigners, combined with his pure humble personality make him a professional with a pwersonality to miss.
    Thank you Heang for making our trip an exceptional one.
    Paskalis and Aliki.

  2. Our 4 days spent in Siem Reap was very smooth, thanks to Heang. He will get you from one point to another safely and comfortably. In addition, the trip is more enjoyable because of his vast knowledge on Cambodia’s history. He would tell us some background to each place we would visit before letting us roam around on our own. He knows his craft very well. Know that you will be well taken cared of when you are with Heang.
    Moreover, his personality and humble beginnings won us over. When we left Siem Reap, we missed the town, as well as Heang. 🙂
    Edna and the Desabelle Family

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