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The heangtaxi page has an updated look at a new home.  www.heangtaxi.com heang taxi driver siem reap angkor cambodia





You can also contact Heang directly at his facebook page.   https://www.facebook.com/heang.song/

Cambodia now has mobile internet and Heang regularly checks his facebook page for messages from wherever he’s at.

Heang’s phone number is unchanged:
+855-12-701-478 (or 012-701-478 when calling within Cambodia)


This wordpress page was created for Heang  by Fred Sun (a tourist who visited Khmer temples with Heang’s help) . As Heang is a full-time driver, tour guide, micro-charity coordinator, and family man; he’s in over his head maintaining this blog by PC over a slow connection from an internet shop. Please visit the new site at heangtaxi.com or add heang.song as a friend on facebook. Thank you.



My family’s Trip

The trip was don with my family at Koh Ker.Heang's family

Prasat Prham (Kohker)

Prasat Phram (KohKer)

My bike


My car